Columbia Heights Community Mural
Mural Citation
G. Byron Peck, 2009. 2500 14th St., NW. Sponsored by the DC Neighborhood Investment Fund and the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Photo by Lou Panarale.
Mural's Story
Byron Peck’s mural honors landmarks in the rapidly gentrifying Columbia Heights neighborhood. Located between 18th St. and Meridian Park, NW, the 60-foot panorama acknowledges the nearby Cardozo High School and the waterfall in the park, as well as the Tivoli Theater and the Dance Institute of Washington further up 14th Street. The lady in the locket is Mary Foote Henderson, wife of Senator John Henderson of Missouri, who helped establish the neighborhood as the epicenter of high Washington society in the early 20th century. The painting includes dancers from the adjacent Boys and Girls Club performing a Double Dutch routine.
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  • Frederick Douglass (1995). G. Byron Peck, assisted by 14 students. Covered over by construction, 2002. 12th St. & Massachusetts Ave., N.W. 45′x35′, Keim paint on stucco wall. (Ward 2, Mt. Vernon Square). Sponsors: D.C. Artworks, D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and McDonalds, Inc.
  • Boxer Girl (2009), Lisa Marie Thalhammer. 1st and W Sts., N.W., private home, alley side. enamel on brick (Ward 1, Bloomingdale). Sponsor: D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities.
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  • The faded but still proud mural on the wall of the PEPCO substation adjacent to the Marie Reed Community Learning Center was created as a summer youth project under the supervision of the late Allen Carter (“Big Al”), and Ligia Becker, a Columbian artist with ties to Centro de Arte.
  • The full title is a pun—“A people without murals is a demuralized (i.e., demoralized) people.”
  • Washington’s renowned native son and jazz artist looks down on the neighborhood where he grew up.
DC Murals by teslathemes