When Rob Banaszak moved to DC from Pittsburgh and Wade Wilson relocated here from Grants, NM, both in 1994, neither could have predicted the course their lives would take. Rob had a background in public relations, while Wade, like so many others, hoped to work in the political arena. Both were also attracted by the

07 Dec 2015

Temporary Graffiti on U St. Draws Spectators

  Style Symposium DC   A cool mural event on April 11-12 drew a diverse group of onlookers as master and novice graffiti artists practiced their craft on the north side of the Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute located at 1351 U Street. Although classic graffiti has largely morphed into highly stylized “street art,”

18 Apr 2015


Associates Receive Major Grants Byron Peck More than 18 months after being removed for repairs, Byron Peck’s great portrait of Duke Ellington is on the road to restoration. The striking landmark in the neighborhood where the Duke grew up was originally on the side of Mood Indigo, a consignment shop adjacent to the U Street

23 Feb 2015

Call for mural artists at Sinai House!

From Sinai House Program Director Lucane LaFortune: Call for Muralist-/Artists – 2014    Sinai Assisted Housing Foundation Mural Project We are looking for an artist to design a mural for our housing program.  Our mission is to provide comprehensive social services to our families to assist them in their transition from homelessness to self sufficiency.    Our community chose

10 Sep 2014

Taking the Show on the Road

When our team was asked last week to recommend some of our favorite murals around the Shaw-Howard neighborhood, we decided to up the ante: Why not let us give you a tour? So educator and artist M’Kina Tapscott caravanned twenty-eight high-schoolers from the University of Maryland Upward Bound Program, and we made a day of

23 Jul 2014
DC Murals by teslathemes